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Interesting Arts & Crafts DIY Projects You Can Undertake

Posted by on Jan 20, 2015 in Arts and Crafts | 0 comments

One of the most popular hobbies that millions of people around the world enjoy, is arts and crafts. There are many reasons why this is so popular and the main one is that it blends creativity and fun without being too serious. It is well suited to a wide range of ages from kids to adults and even seniors. Also, this is one hobby that you can start almost immediately without having to buy anything since it can be typically done using the materials found in most homes. So, without ado, we will look at a few great DIY arts and crafts projects that you can undertake from the comfort of your home.

The first one involves creating your own personal picture frames. The great thing about making your own picture frames is that it adds a unique and individual touch that your family will simply love. Best of all, these hand made picture frames make excellent gifts and the recipient will feel truly happy to receive them. So, you can start by using a plain picture frame with a good base and decide on how you want to decorate it. You can use materials like sea shells, glitter, stones, coins, sticks and whatever else your heart desires to decorate each one of the four sides. However, make sure to use a high quality glue when adhering the materials to the frame.

Another great DIY project is to create your own personalized pencil cases for your kids. Of course, you can even do this with your kids and all you will need is a piece of cloth, a sewing machine or a needle and thread as well as a zipper. You don’t necessarily need a zipper and you can use buttons or hooks to close the pencil case. You should challenge your children to make the most original pencil case they can think of which is a great way to exercise their imagination.

Lastly, one other project you can undertake is creating unique handmade cards and bookmarks. Hand made cards in particular are a lost art and you can send them out to your friends and family for birthdays and other holidays throughout the year. You can even make handmade bookmarks with inspirational quotes and even make them out of unconventional materials.

Those are just a few of the thousands of potential arts and crafts projects you can undertake. You can get plenty of coupons to help your DIY projects at The only limitation you have is your imagination, so let it run wild!

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The Value Of Arts and Crafts Hobbies

Posted by on Jan 20, 2015 in Arts and Crafts | 0 comments

The arts and crafts hobbyist of today owes their legacy to a time when everything was pretty much made by hand from brooms to all of the clothing for a family. Up until a couple of hundred years ago, there were really no factories where goods were made en mass for our pleasure and convenience. If you need clothing, it was hand made by the women of the society, and if a tool was needed on the farm, more than likely it would have to be crafted by the men.

Today people make things as a hobby and they do it for fun, and sometimes profit. Basket weaving is such an example as is crocheting or painting of pictures. Much of the value of these types of activities is psychological in nature, as it gives one a sense of accomplishment and of a job well done.

Some people are able to turn their hobbies into a financial gain by taking the arts and crafts that they make to a market and sell them. There seems to be a resurgence of local flea markets and these give ample opportunity for people to make and show their wares for sale.

For the most part, however, people take part in the making of various things because the enjoy the hobby. Woodworking is such an instance where a man might have built up his own woodworking shop over the years, and he simply enjoys working with wood. He might make such things as furniture, lamps or toys which the then would have for his own use, or he gives it away or sells the items.

Quilting is a hobby that can take place in a community setting as the pieces of the quilt must be cut, and then placed on a fabric for later sewing in place. Women will meet together and work as a group in order to get the quilt finished in a shorter space of time. This is a good social occasion as well as being an efficient way to make a quilt.

Most arts and crafts activity is performed as a solo experience however, as people pursue their particular interests. Painting is a very popular hobby as is sewing. Brick painting has become popular, where ordinary bricks are painted as small figures and decorations.

There are hundreds of different arts and crafts from which to choose if your are interested in looking into such activities. You could go to your public library or search the internet for ideas.

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Arts And Crafts Hobbies Are For Everyone

Posted by on Jan 20, 2015 in Arts and Crafts | 0 comments

If you’re a person that likes arts and crafts hobbies, then you’ve most likely participated in quite a few. Do you do them at home, or have you experienced them in other varieties? For me, it was with after school programs, summer day camps, church camps and more.

Running these programs, I was definitely immersed in planning arts and crafts. Many of times, I would try to escape these duties since I was in charge, asking female counterparts to help pitch in ideas. Still, I was opened to the world of arts and crafts hobbies, as kids really enjoy them.

For the after school program, I designated arts and crafts once a week, and it was on a set day, Wednesday. This was where I gave most of my creative input. I remember one idea we did that I had remembered from when I was a kid. My mom had introduced it to me and my sister, the bleach bottle piggy bank.

I will never forget showing the kids how to turn the bleach bottle into a piggy bank, once remembering doing it myself years ago. For the programs, we also used packaged arts and crafts at times vs ordering different supplies to make creations. The packaged arts and crafts made more possibilities, such as the kids making their own teddy bear, without any sewing.

As a former supervisor of various programs for kids, I can tell you it can be difficult to do arts and crafts projects on a slim budget. You see the packaged crafts that are more expensive, or you think about the cost of the supplies you’re buying. The good thing is that there are a ton of cost-saving arts and crafts ideas.

The bleach bottle piggy bank is one of them, and the kids had a blast. You can also easily help the kids make their own tye dye t-shirts. Now, there is the cost of the shirt, but parents can be informed about the shirt prior to the designated craft time. The only cost for the program should be for the dyes and a few extra shirts in case some kids don’t show up with one.

The tye dye shirts is a great activity for the kids. You can also make a huge container of bubble liquid, in which wire coat hangers can be twisted to make huge bubble blowers. Check out the many arts and crafts hobbies there are, not just for kids, but everyone.

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